I live on Vancouver Island, in the rainy northwest, and have spent the better part of the past decade living off the grid, in the woods on the forested edge of a sprawling small city. I live on a piece of land that a number of friends and I built a kind of feral homestead on, as squatters. We have supported ourselves by building our own comfortable dwellings, foraging, scavenging, hunting, gardening and scrounging for our livelihood.

milesforagingAll of us came from what you might call a typical suburban, North American background; clueless with regards to living on the land.

I have been able to spend much of this time figuring out how to live closer to the land, piecing together archaic, earth based living skills and exploring deeply my relationship with the earth, self and others, while trying to live with integrity – or understand what that might look like and mean. I am generally guided by a burning desire for truth, understanding and connection to what is real, important and beautiful.

My journey has given me a unique perspective, vision and toolkit that I share with others through writing, teaching and speaking publicly.

What are you up to these days? (November, 2013)

This fall the land where I had been living for many years was sold and I was peacefully asked to leave. So, I find myself without my old nest any longer, but am happy to see what new adventures are going to show up.

For now I am house sitting not far from where I had been living before. I have a book coming out next spring and am beginning work on another book, which will be significantly different from my previous work in a very, very awesome way.

I’m living a simply, eating fresh venison from the nearby woods and embracing a new phase of my journey.

fall food preservation: drying deermeat, apples, hazelnuts in sacks, and herbs on racks

Fall food preservation: drying deermeat, apples, hazelnuts in sacks, and herbs on racks

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