The Compassionate Hunter’s Guidebook

Hey folks – I am pleased to announce that my latest book: The Compassionate Hunter’s Guidebook, is heading to press this spring, and is available for pre-order now right here! Check out below to find out more….

Image-front-cover_coverbookpageThe Compassionate Hunter’s Guidebook: Hunting from the Heart
(2014, New Society Publishers)

The act of harvesting wild meat directly from the land demands that one enter a world of awareness, wildness, life and death that as a culture we have lost our connection to.

The Compassionate Hunter’s Guidebook is a guide for those that come to the act of hunting with pure intentions, motivated by a desire for healthy food that comes directly and humanely from the earth where they live. This practical guide suggests that hunting is not a ‘sport’ and the animals whose lives are taken are not ‘game’. It combines a deep, honest exploration of the ethics of killing with detailed practical instructions geared toward the beginning hunter, including:

  • Understanding your prey;
  • Tools, techniques and preparation;
  • The act of the hunt;
  • From forest to table - processing, preserving and preparing your kill.

A unique and comprehensive, fully-illustrated guide to the complexity, ethics, and spirit of the hunt, The Compassionate Hunter is a must-read for beginning and experienced hunters alike. It will appeal to anyone who wishes to delve more deeply into the complex, humbling and ultimately profound reality of our relationship with the food that nourishes us.

$19.95  – Pre-order directly from me and get 10% off (becomes $17.95) – Order within Canada – – Order within United States

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