Interview with InFocus Magazine


InFocus magazine, a Vancouver Island based publication, has a story about me and rewilding in their latest issue. It is a very fun article which discusses my house recently being bulldozed, living off the grid, Michael Jackson and the many unexpected expressions of wildness…

Check it out here!

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7 responses to “Interview with InFocus Magazine

  1. In Between

    Desert nomads know
    journeys define you.
    They set you ablaze
    with purpose.

    The exhilaration of breaking camp
    is stenciled with fear
    that you will not reach
    the next oasis.

    Sometimes there is no oasis.
    That’s when you have to
    make your own
    or move on again
    with greater purpose.

    Stay in camp too long,
    you shrivel and die.
    It’s the in between places
    where you are the most alive,
    harmonizing with the stars
    where all is motion
    in an endless stillness.

  2. Congrats to you on your interview with the magazine. Your message is positive, inspiring, and quite encouraging. Wishing you happiness, health, and safety!

    • Yeah, it’s gone! I figured the practical information and spirit of it was now pretty well contained in the book Unlearn, Rewild, as well as another book I have written which will be coming out next spring. Sorry for not giving any notice before it disappeared!

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