Review in Utne Reader


There’s a great review of Unlearn in the latest issue of the Utne Reader. You can see it online here:

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2 responses to “Review in Utne Reader

  1. Miles, I just watched your interview with Utne Reader and came to your website to read more. Then I got a sample of your book on my Kindle and read the sections on Domestication and Sustainability. I absolutely agree that humans are far too separate from nature these days, but the way you’ve put it gives me a deeper sadness about life than I’ve felt before. Although I’m curious about the rest of your ideas, I’m afraid of how I’ll feel after reading the entire book. Having the truth of our lives exposed so clearly might just be too much to bear. Do you have hope that humanity can still see the light, or have we passed the point of no return? Is it really possible for humanity to “rewild”?

  2. Hi Kim,
    Wow, what a great question. I could write a very long answer to it, but my short answer is: I have an extremely optimistic view of life and the human journey, and though Unlearn unabashedly points out a lot of the ways our culture is disconnected, fragmented and unhealthy, it’s message is ultimately an affirmative, positive, hopeful one.
    More and more I try to not get lost in the cloud of ‘saving the world’, but instead focus on the real journey of our lives: to discover truth, learn, grow, find meaning, connection and the kind of alinement and aliveness we see expressed in the living world. That’s the path I want to share, and the kind of shift that might change the world.

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